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Cyberwho? An introduction to another memecoin: Cybershinu.

“Geez, another one of these dog memecoins?”


Hi there. We’re the team behind Cybershinu.

What’s Cybershinu?

On paper, Cybershinu is just another ERC-20 token. But what we hope to achieve is an evolution of the current dog-token meta. With a story to tell, a fair launch, and a kick-ass comicbook series, Cybershinu strives to take the Iron Throne of memecoins.

Cybershinu takes place in a cyberpunk, dystopian future, where a sentient race of dogs are known as the Shinu, struggle to find equality next to humans. One Shinu -nicknamed Cybershinu for his cybernetic enhancements -, steps up to call upon the Shinu and find justice for his people.

His clan of warriors who answer this call will be known as the Cybershi — Samurai-like Shinus who have sacrificed their dog biology in exchange for powerful augmentations.

We hope to illustrate through this narrative the class division that is ongoing in our real world. Those of us who are millennials/GenZ, struggling to find our way in a growing hostile society. Most of us don’t want to be rich and famous — we just want a happy life.

What makes this different from all the other coins?

Cybershinu aims to give the underdog the upperhand. In a crypto space which is dominated by Hedge Funds, whales, and nepotism-like whitelist practices, we want to give everyone a fair shot at the “Moonshot” everyone always asks about.

We don’t want to stealth launch and let the whales get the upperhand. On our token’s release, we will have a fair, set price pre-sale. So everyone can benefit and grow.

Wen moon?

We also hope to return the success that dogcoins have brought many of us at the cryptospace, to those who deserve it: the cute animals themselves. No one has stopped to give thanks to our loving companions for these opportunities, all the memes and financial gains we’ve had over these years - using their material.

Through Cybershinu, we wish to establish a small charity fund which will go straight to charitable efforts for rescuing pets(Such as foster pet parents), and no kill humane societies. We also hope to raise enough funds to open a non-profit humane society ourselves, and with enough luck, give support to those societies who are in need.

We also realize the immense story-telling potential Cybershinu has, no matter how serious it takes itself, or how meme-filled it will be. We’re working towards creating a NFT comic book series of Cybershinu, and his fight against the oppressive Humacorp — a governing corporation of humans who seek to return the sentient Shinu back to their domesticated state. A little touch of bad-assery, memes, and I think we have a solid comicbook series.

What’s next?

Our current focus is finishing up Cybershinu’s website, and organic interest growth in the project. From there we’ll have details on our presale.

Thats all we have for you in this article today. We’re in the very early stages of Cybershinu, and we’d love to share this development journey with you through our Twitter, Discord, Subreddit, and Telegram.

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Cybershinu - Leader of the Cybershis, protector of the Shinu. The ERC20 token made for the underdog.