Cyberwho? An introduction to another memecoin: Cybershinu.

What’s Cybershinu?

On paper, Cybershinu is just another ERC-20 token. But what we hope to achieve is an evolution of the current dog-token meta. With a story to tell, a fair launch, and a kick-ass comicbook series, Cybershinu strives to take the Iron Throne of memecoins.

What makes this different from all the other coins?

Cybershinu aims to give the underdog the upperhand. In a crypto space which is dominated by Hedge Funds, whales, and nepotism-like whitelist practices, we want to give everyone a fair shot at the “Moonshot” everyone always asks about.

What’s next?

Our current focus is finishing up Cybershinu’s website, and organic interest growth in the project. From there we’ll have details on our presale.



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Cybershinu - Leader of the Cybershis, protector of the Shinu. The ERC20 token made for the underdog.