Cybershinu Weekly: Tokenomics.

Tokenomics..the economics..of..tokens? yes.

3 min readDec 13, 2021

BIG Thanks to everyone who is making Cybershinu a reality. You’re awesome!

Without further ado, lets start on Tokenomics of Cybershinu.

DEX 20%(LOCKED), CEX 30%(LOCKED), Team 5%, Pre-sale 20%, Staking 20%, Locked Incentives 5%.

We first want to address the elephant in the room -

What is the Cybershinu dev team going to do with their allocated tokens?

Our plan here, as previously said, is to use the money from the token to build our very own humane society. We had different thoughts on how to achieve this.

First, we thought about developing tax fees on transactions, as a lot of coins do now a days. But honestly, that goes against everything we believe in. When you buy your tokens, you shouldn’t be subject to further fees from the developer. Its a snake tactic, and its just not cool. Some tokens are out here subjecting their own community to ridiculous fees like 10%+.

Would you pay a 10%+ tax? I know I wouldn’t.

So how do we achieve this outlandish goal of ours, without dipping into our future budget for marketing and expansion?

We’ll take the extra 5% and lock it away — a year, to be exact. This is the locked incentives.

What are you guys going to do with the other 5%?

This is the money that will be used to fund our marketing, any unforeseen tax, employees such as community mods, and our donations.

The token pre-sale price we’re aiming to sell at is $0.00075 a token. If we fail to meet the full 20% presale, the rest of these tokens will be burned.

At a presale price of 0.0005 per token, with a set supply of 100B tokens, we’re looking at a valuation of $75M.

Why 0.00075?

We really, really dislike the current memecoin meta of .00000000003 prices.

It lost a zero bro!

I don’t really know what I’m looking at or how much I’ve even made when I see my holdings of these memecoins. So when we first started Cybershinu, we all agreed that we should have a logical, easy-to-understand price. Anything less than half a cent is already too many zeroes for me personally — but we can’t give ourselves ridiculous valuations either.

The rest is pretty self-explanatory. DEX/CEX Liquidity, which will be locked, and staking rewards, which will be implemented after the pre-sale.

Where Cybershinu be tho??

We’re working real hard still on making sure everything will go smoothly come launch. We’re currently working on preparing wallet integrations with, and toying around with our comicbook NFT ideas. So far, I’ve been trying to make Cybershinu come to life with some sketches. Take a look!

That’s really all we have for now. We’re running preliminary tests on our contract on the testnet, getting the site ready, and attempting at bringing our furry bad-ass friend to life. We should have more details on pre-sale whereabouts soon.

Thanks for reading!

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