Cybershinu Hypepiece — Presale Launch


Whats goin’ on?

Cybershis! Today is a special day with the launch of our smart contract, updated web3 website, and pre-sale dates. Let’s jump right in. Oh — and Happy New Years to all of you. We hope this year brings massive financial gains, health, and happiness to all of you!

Smart Contract

As you can see here, $CYSHI is fully deployed and operational on the Ethereum mainnet. Although it does not sound like much, it’s huge news. It means Cybershinu is an official, real token.

This allows us to be listed on sites such as Coinmarketcap and their IDO calendar, which exposes our project to an even greater amount of people.

and theres no going back now as we’ve also launched our pre-sale contract.

Pre-sale Dates

This is what ya’ll are here for, isn’t it? Well without further adieu, CYSHI will officially be purchasable on January 7th, 11AM (EST), through Jan 21th 11AM. During this time, all 20B tokens allocated to the pre-sale will be available for purchase.

The countdown is live on!

If the full 20B tokens are not sold, the smart contract automatically burns the rest. Also, if the pre-sale is sold out before the end mark, the smart contract will automatically close and CYSHI will be up for trading sooner than expected.

Website updates

As you can see from screenshot above, Cybershinu’s website has a whole new look with tons of features.

We’ve now integrated Metamask/Walletconnect, which allows us to interface you, the user, to the smart contract and the website. Its huge news. Interfacing a smart contract that allows you to claim and buy tokens is no small matter, and we’re super proud of what we’ve accomplished.

We’ve also included tokenomics in an exciting, linear graph, a redone about page, and a slightly changed background colour. (You may not notice this. I don’t.)

Whats left is minor things — we’re going to integrate staking soon and have a tab for that. We’re also still keen on releasing Cybershi NFTs, which will have its own gallery tab for that as well.

More on that soon — but it may be 10,000 pieces you’d love to have.

Closing Thoughts

We’re very proud of how far we’ve come on this project. We’re still so hyped to show you what we have planned for the future, and we hope you’ll love it too.




Cybershinu - Leader of the Cybershis, protector of the Shinu. The ERC20 token made for the underdog.

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Cybershinu - Leader of the Cybershis, protector of the Shinu. The ERC20 token made for the underdog.

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