Cybershinu Hypepiece: NFTs, Delays

The interpretation of Cybershinu’s followers, the Cybershis, are done — and we’re setting new launch dates for the token.

3 min readJan 15, 2022

Happy New Year’s everyone.

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a Medium article — The market has been on a constant downtrend, gas fees have been at an all time high (I’ve seen gas as far as a thousand this week.) and it’s just been a hectic month overall. Before the good, lets talk about the bad: the delays of the pre-sale.

Wen launch, admin?

Theres no secret: the market has been in a volatile state these past days, and there truly is no end in sight with Jerome Powell being secretive of what will happen, come March-ish. At first, we delayed the pre-sale believing the market would recover in a week. But it’s clearly obvious that this will be the new norm, until the market decides what way it wishes to go. Whether the apocalypse approaches, or an all new time high of stock market and crypto, we at Cybershinu have to launch.

The problems we’ve been having besides these launch efforts is the lack of responses from Coinmarketcap. We’ve applied for listing of $CYSHI ever since December 5th, and it’s been a month and a half since we’ve heard any word from Coinmarketcap. They’ve told us repeatedly that they’re extremely overloaded with applications, but honestly, a month+ of waiting time to us is a bit much.

Perhaps the nature of Cybershinu itself (being the token of the underdog, relatively small developers with next to none/little cash to market the project, going against hedge funds/venture capitalists,) is what leads to Coinmarketcap ignoring our application. But this won’t stop us — we’ll launch and have them list us once we have applicable trading volume.

If you’re here looking for dates — we’re thinking in the next month to launch. With the original two weeks of time to purchase in the pre-sale.

Cybershi Dripped NFTs

This Cybershi is especially angry with that eye missin’.

Aren’t these just dope? we’ve developed exactly 10,000 NFTs, of our interpretations of how our fellow Cybershi followers would look like. Since the beginning, we thought of these Cybershi followers to be rugged rebels, thieves, with an honor code. Robin hood type figures. And most importantly, with the highest understanding of Street-DRIP you can imagine.

These guys and gals do not fall short of any fashion design. Some come fully battle-ready with Samurai armor, some come fully dripped out with their augmentations ready to intimidate. Whatever the case may be, we think these Cybershis are sick to own, and have huge utility planned in the future. DAO staking is one of them, and a platform fighting game(shh, it’s a secret we’re working on.)

We’re planning to reach these goals by allowing users to mint (no whitelist, no exclusivity) these NFTs at a price of 0.05~ ETH each, launched at concurrent times with the token. At time of writing this section, Ethereum is currently at 3500~. This price is subject to change.

We believe this is a more than fair price point for any NFTs. These funds will add to the community treasury and allow us to further market Cybershinu, driving the token price up, and the NFT prices up.

And that’s all we’ve got for today’s piece. We hope your wallets and portfolios go green. WAGMI — and HODL. Remember these two rules.




Cybershinu - Leader of the Cybershis, protector of the Shinu. The ERC20 token made for the underdog.