Cybershinu Christmas Special Recap

The mad shopping spree week is at its end today — and we wish you a very, merry Christmas!

3 min readDec 24, 2021

This week has not spared anyone in its craze. With crypto/stocks dipping hard and then rising again, malls full of people shopping for gifts, omicron going on a rampage, and people trying to spoil Spiderman, it’s been a helluva week for all of us.

Today we want to cover what we’ve achieved so far and how close launch is.

$CYSHI is on track to our internal datelines. We’ve interfaced WalletConnect + Metamask on our site, set up a tokenomics page, and interfaced our pre-sale contract. We’ve had little hiccups here and there with minimum transaction amounts and ETH conversion rates(we bad at math cuz) but we’re all good now.

Here’s a little snipbit of how it’s lookin’ so far:

Subject to change. We still got lots to go — but we’re very proud of what we’re achieving.

At first, we were thinking of a late December launch — but as we began to work on this project, we realized that’s way too little time to self-audit our contracts and squish any potential bugs. Cybershinu launch is set for a first quarter January launch. Of course, we will give sufficient notice before the pre-sale begins — probably in the form of a timer on the site.

Cybershi NFTs.

From the very beginning, we wanted to somehow include NFTs into our project. Whether it’d be in the form of a comic-book series of Cybershinu himself, or renders of his Cybershi followers.

We want to pursue both — but a comicbook(a GOOD comicbook. Marvel level stuff.) is harder than we thought. We’re still going to build a magical story and design it into a comicbook, but the deadline for that is most definitely in a month, maybe two from now.

At least we all have something to look forward to!

As for the Cybershi NFTs — this is an easier mini project — but still a deadline farther than originally planned. Attention to detail in art is necessary, and we don’t want to ever deliver a half-baked idea.

We’re going for a pixel-art style. We feel like a cyberpunk setting, with retro-pixel design is just so unique. We’ve also decided today to add a body to the previously shown NFT designs, so owners of the Cybershi NFT can relate more to their character. Here’s the previous concepts:

Our favourite doggo — just a bit angry. Or hangry.
As we accomplish more work on the NFTs, we’ll definitely update the community with our designs for feedback.

And with that, onto the closing credits.

You’ve all made Cybershinu a truly magical project.

It’s unbelievable how much interest Cybershinu has generated. We’ve been featured on Yahoo, Benziga, and we’ve been listed on Cryptototem. We’re in talks with a few CEXs, and we’ve sent our application to Coinmarketcap.

(if you’re reading this Coinmarketcap, pls respond)

As any project founder, I was very proud to begin working on this idea, but I had to be real with myself. Does Cybershinu have a chance? Can it deliver? And the answer to that question now is a definitive yes. The awesome crypto community has given us at Cybershinu a Christmas present — in the form of mass-approval of our project.

And for that, from the bottom of our hearts, — thank you. This wouldn’t be possible without you.

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